A retort to Hashinshin’s Garen changes

This is in response to Hashinshin’s complaints turned shitposting that you can find here: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/6nhc5o/so_rather_than_leave_a_shitpost_on_garen_like_i/

What I am going to do is first outline Hashinshin’s points, then provide my own patch notes to expand on those points, then explain my thought process afterwards.

Passive: No longer turns off from DoTs. Garen gets 5 seconds of his passive healing when activated.

Q: 2-6% of current hp as physical damage. 10-50% bonus armor penetration.

W: Cooldown from 24-20 to  20-10. Duration reduced from 2-6 to 2-4.

E: Duration reduced to 2 seconds from 3. 2% current HP damage.

R: Archaic design. Who really likes villain mechanic? Garen gains 10% movespeed towards the villain.


I’ll avoid talking about items for now and just concentrate on Garen’s kit. Writing that last line made me absolutely furious though. So here’s my own patch notes based off the current Garen.

P: Now increases total hp regen by 10-25% per second while active (stacking indefinitely). Villain passive redrafted onto his ultimate. Not cancelled by minions from lvl 1.

Q: Cooldown starts from first cast as opposed to when duration expires. CD increased from 8 to 12-10. Buff duration reduced from 4.5s to 3.5s (to match rank 5 speed duration).

W: Cooldown from 24-20 to 24-12. Duration rescaled to 3 seconds at all ranks. Bonus tenacity and reduction duration increased from 0.75s to 1.5s. Tenacity and damage reduction reduced to 45% from 60%.

E: “Enemy champions hit 4 times have their armor reduced by 25% for 6 seconds.” replaced with “Enemy champions hit 4 times have Grievous Wounds applied to them for 4 seconds”. Deals bonus physical damage to the Villain equal to 2.5% of their max hp.

R: Villain passive reworked. Now Garen ignores 35-45% of the target’s resistances against the villain. Villain counter does not change while in combat with enemy Champions. Rescaled damage to base damage + 25/32.5/40% of the target’s missing HP for consistency’s sake. Against the Villain, it now deals bonus magic damage equal to 100% of the shields applied to the target.

But before we begin on anything else, I’d like to ask you this. Have you ever FIGHT 4 JUSTICE????

Frankly, Garen has a very specific niche that I don’t think has been necessarily explored in League since his inception.

And that’s the Siege Anti-Mage. Yeah, this is absolutely crazy and goes against every design principle that Riot has developed over the last 4 years, but that’s what is so interesting about Garen as a character. He’s not like any other bruiser.

He doesn’t have a truly effective engage, he doesn’t have CC that prevents attacks or reduces movement speed. But the amount of tenacity he gains means he doesn’t give a shit about crowd control. And that’s really interesting.

You see, with the very explicit ADC requirements of dealing massive sustained damage there is a very good reason to disrupt that sustained damage in some form or another. Garen can’t deal with that so he will never be viable in a meta where ADCs like Kog’Maw or Tristana are meta. Of course there is one thing that Garen has that no other champion does which makes him strong in a meta which is that he is tanky enough to hit a T3 Turret AND has the passive health regen to not get absurdly punished by this. Garen’s kit is far from good, but because he has the regeneration he can support a push really damn well by just backing off and doing some weights.

What makes Garen a decent siege champion actually comes down to what a counter siege strategy does. They do the engage for you while you ward off their backline by yourself. Also, because Garen’s Villain mechanic is a comeback mechanic to some extent, it somewhat gives Garen the edge he needs to deal with the bastard that fucked with his Imouto in Midlane (Anyone else ready for the Imouto Cinematic Universe).

Now to explain the actual changes in more detail, the Villain Mechanic is thematically relevant (FUCKING HERETICS) and does a pretty good job at selling the Garen’s character, although if anything Hashinshin’s main complaints is that you can’t really deal with tanks too well. By reworking this into most of his damage ignoring resistances, fighting the Villain is actually possible when you’re fighting against tankier opponents. Note that I specified resistances, meaning although we are removing the true damage component on ult, FULL AP GAREN could be a thing for you montage shit-heads. But I’m really surprised that no one else has thought about shield mechanics.

The Q change was the simplest way to give Garen an update to his kit without adding any new mechanic. As it stands, Garen is punished for engaging any ranged opponent, effectively adding up to a static 4.5s to his 8 second Q, coming up to 12.5s. The game’s mobility creep has progressed to the point where this frankly isn’t as much of an issue. The main issue that comes from this change will most likely be the silence chain that can take place at the end of Q’s duration, but it’s still an overall nerf when dealing with melee opponents.

W isn’t necessarily too strong, but I do feel as if it should be slightly less like a spell shield. I honestly just don’t play Fighting games so I don’t get this obsession people have over that sort of muscle memory stuff.

The E change is probably the strongest change on his kit and could potentially make Garen see limited competitive play. Grievous Wounds is no joke and is something I have not seen Riot experiment with outside of slapping it on relatively random abilities and calling it a day. So let’s add it to a shitty bruiser and laugh as he becomes competitive.

His passive not proccing against minions is already in his kit, but Level 1 it actually forces more interaction from his opponent precisely because he doesn’t have to consider minion aggro as much, improving his matchups that don’t rely on poking you to death. If you wanted to take this further you could also make his passive break on spells or auto attacks (making DoTs not as effective). The HP regen increase is a fairly easy way to make his passive a lot more important to keep as it comes down to “Damn I’m going to lose a lot of regen from that poke, I should value my passive more”. Also it’s not like people are going to complain about it because it still means that Garen is going to spend a very long time away from the creep wave after a trade so you wave management types can make his life more hell than it already is. Doesn’t matter if they can regen their healthpool if you fucking kill them.

If you have any further questions (because I shat this one out in one day) you can comment below. I also have a 5k subs Youtube channel although it is currently going through a lot of changes. You can also follow me on twitter @Aethereal311. Thanks for reading.


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