Vampire and Succubi

The following was part of a 1k word challenge for an official Riot challenge. Enjoy.   The Piltoveriat Gramophone blared briefly as the record began, signalling to Vladimir that the dainty party was now underway. This might be no grand ball, let alone a gala, but knowing the guests Vladimir had spent no expense not […]

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A retort to Hashinshin’s Garen changes

This is in response to Hashinshin’s complaints turned shitposting that you can find here: What I am going to do is first outline Hashinshin’s points, then provide my own patch notes to expand on those points, then explain my thought process afterwards. Passive: No longer turns off from DoTs. Garen gets 5 seconds of […]

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RIP DoW3, long live LoL

(The following is a transcript for an upcoming video essay.  Enjoy while I get around to recording and editing this.)   So I just got watching Arch Warhammer’s video about how dead Dawn of War 3 is and I really don’t think a lot of people get what a MOBA is. Like, Dawn of War […]

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A Brief History of Zaun’s Brutes.

Written and created by Ethereal311 (/u/Oranos116)     Oxygen.   If there was anything that halted the Super Soldier program, it was Oxygen.   The serums and ingredients required weren’t cheap, but with the interests from the most elite Chem-Barons, price wasn’t much an issue. The issue of high grade nutrition could be dealt with […]

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